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    Season Schedule

10.3 The Top End - Sept 3rd for 4 weeks

10.4 Blue Screen of Death - Oct 1st for 4wks

10.5 The Mortal Coil - Nov 5th for 4 weeks













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10.3 The Top End by Sanguine

When the Phoenix Foundation creates a partnership with an Australian animal sanctuary, MacGyver is one of many volunteers to help get the sanctuary up and running.

While in the Northern Territory, he teams up with resourceful outback veterinarian Rex Kelly---but will their combined wits and skills be enough to save a small town from a mysterious ransom demand?


Coming October 1st...


10.4 Blue Screen of Death by Rocket

MacGyver has been hired to protect a computer genius, in fear for his life after receiving some serious-sounding death threats.

But an enemy from the past has other ideas, and MacGyver will need all his skills (and some help from the one he's protecting) to avoid being erased!




Coming November 5th...


10.5 The Mortal Coil by Sanguine

After receiving a clue that some of Nikola Tesla's missing research may have been located, the Phoenix Foundation sends MacGyver to investigate the claims---as well as to verify the authenticity of any potential discoveries.

But when the hunt for Tesla's lost inventions takes a dangerous turn, MacGyver begins to realize that getting out of Wardenclyffe alive may be a challenge that even a little mad science can't solve...




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